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In 2008, Xize Craft was established and started delivering custom-made toys.

We decided to add fuse beads to our line of products and use “ARTKAL” as our brand after obtaining knowledge from a Hong Kong partner.

In 2008-2010, it became gradually evident the existing fuse beads manufacturers could not meet the market demands, due to the lack of color variety, chromatic aberration, poor quality, and low-grade material; however, none of the manufacturers wanted to make improvement to their products – we saw that the opportunity has come for us to make premium-grade fuse beads ourselves. 

In 2011, we set up our new company UKENN CULTURE to manufacture our ARTKAL beads.

Our production process went smoothly, and consumers were satisfied with our out standing quality and excellent service.

Since 2015, we found more and more adult were interested in creating bead art, and the limited beads on market were not able to satisfy their needs of colors.

Since then, Artkal focused on creating large range of colors for bead artists.

The variety of colors for Artkal beads kept increasing from merely 70 to more than 130 colors.

This has made artists and bead enthusiasts excited!


A foreign customer previously had alcohol issues, but fuse beads helped keep him sober when he attempted to quit. Being a beads-enthusiast since 2007, he was dreaming to have more color beads for his pixel arts. When he found out that ARTKAL was planning to increase color lines, enabling his dream to come true, he was more joyful than a child – a living testament to our passion for beads. The passion for beads would not only satisfy a hobby, but even change a person’s lifestyle.  

A piece of perfect creation could make people feel satisfied and accomplished. Your demand is our motivation. Bead your dreams! Live creative life!